CCC in the 21c: Create, Communicate, Collaborate

So excited to hear Wes Fryer speak at our district’s June Leadership meeting this morning.

Here are my notes from his presentation . . .

Alternate title: “Leading Schools with Digital Vision in a Bubblesheet World”

Contxts enables professionals to share their contact information and more via SMS

Brad Paisley, “Welcome to the Future”
Moments of cognitive dissonance: videoconferencing with people around the world

<1> The world has gone digital  . . . so must learning @school

Did You Know 4.0
5 minute activity: write down at least 3 notable facts
Poll Everywhere – Did You Know 4.0: Your Takeaways?

*Watching this again reminds me of the infographic on A Day in the Internet

A Day in the InternetWhere did we ask all our questions before Google?

Digital Citizenship requires that we recognize that the learning environment and society at large has changed

57% of adults Google themselves
~”Reputation Management and Social Media,” Pew Internet Research, May 26

How can we manage our digital footprints?

<2> Digital Sandboxes are Essential

Computer Literacy?

More than Microsoft tools – move to cloud computing – Google Reader, “newspaper in the sky”

Technology 4 Teachers, a 15-week course for pre-service teachers

How many people comment on blogs and online articles? The rest of you are “lurkers”

*This reminds me of the Four Cs of Participation Online

The Four Cs of Participation in Online Communities

What evidence do you have to prove you were in 6th grade?

Throwing away 6th grade – OR – The case for online portfolios

K-12 Online Conference: “What Did You Do in School Yesterday, Today, and Three Years Ago?” by H. Songhai

ISTE’s NETS for Students, etc. – Focus on Creating, Communicating, Collaborating

Bloom’s Taxonomy – Revised

*Reminds me of Andrew Churches‘ great wiki on Bloom’s Digital Technology and Mike Fisher’s Visual Representations of Bloom’s Taxonomy with a 21st Century Skills Frame

Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class

2010 Creativity World Forum with Dan Pink, Ken Robinson, and more

Learning Signs: Our Family Learning Blog

<3> Consider whether technology use is Accommodating v. Transformative

Kaplan University Professor ad

If you are only using interactive white board to do what projector could, you are missing its transformative potential

All technology is “magic” at some point

Levels of Technology Use

“The predominant learning tool defines the predominant learning task in the classroom” ~Alan Kay

If all I’m doing with computers is word processing – same as with pencil – that’s accommodating, not transformative

Larry Cuban, Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom (links to a 1MB pdf)

Clayton Christensen, Disrupting Class

Ocoee Middle School flashmob singing “Gotta Keep Reading”

Animating a Blockbuster: How Pixar Built Toy Story 3

Inbox Zero

In the old days, learning was all about memorization – Today, I don’t have to memorize as much as I used to before

Favorite applications: Posterous, Evernote, Reuters news, simple Wikipedia, Angry Birds game

Hard drive crash = “digital stroke” ~Kevin Honeycutt

Enemies of Change
Villain #1: Fear (especially of change)
Villian #2: Ignorance

Levels of Technology Use
(from forthcoming book, Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning)
1. Awareness
2. Personal Use
3. Professional Use (copied)
4. Professional Use (invented)

All of these are possible without technology; technology enhances the learning

Talk with Media: Using Copyright-Friendly Images –> use pictures whenever possible!

Tell a story in 5 frames on Flickr

Tell a story with 5 photos for Educators group

Voicethread story of daughter getting a new haircut

“The teacher B roll” ~Marco Torres

Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Story

Copyright Friendly Pictures:

One Laptop Per Child‘s 2012 model – for $75 – Wow!

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